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Pathways to health

Are you leading the healthy life you want to? Physical and mental health are absolutely entwined and if one is out of sync, then it’s likely the other is too. Women are under such a ridiculous amount of pressure to manage almost everything and what can get left behind in all this is YOU! If you’re working, doing the lion’s share of domestic work, perhaps looking after children, and maybe elderly parents…when do you have the time to take care of your health?!

A like to think of health within a pathways model. You’re born – and unless you have an underlying medical condition at birth – you’re born healthy. From that point on, you’ve got a choice of pathways which can either lead towards health or illness. During your childhood, you’re not really that in control of which path you take. Early childhood trauma has been shown to have an effect on later health – mental and physical. It could also be that you’re raised in a family with very unhealthy eating habits, and suffer childhood obesity as a result, for instance.

Some of us are set on a better pathway at an earlier age than others (I have experience of this one – from age 3 I was in the top percentile of obese children – thanks parents!). The good thing is that, whatever age you are, you can choose to take a new path – towards health and away from illness. Don’t wait to be diagnosed! We all know that obesity increases our chances of diabetes, so take control before you get the diagnosis. Commit to losing weight. Sedentary lifestyles and obesity are major contributers towards heart disease and high blood pressure – do something about it before you end up on medication permanently.

I like to apply this pathways to health model when I’m working with clients. I ask the simple question, ‘Is this course of action setting you on a pathway to health or illness?’. Health shouldn’t be a secondary consideration, a by product of our choices – it should inform those choices. I will work with you to help you pursue your health and to make sure you prioritise it. Do you need to ask for more support from those around you? What do you do each day that’s just for you? How are your current choices creating or blocking a healthy environment? These are some of the things we’ll explore together because, let’s face it, you could be earning hundreds of thousands a year but if you’re drinking and eating to get through your evenings, you won’t be healthy enough to enjoy your earnings!


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