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Life Transitions

Whether it’s a new job, the ending of a relationship, becoming a mother or facing ’empty nest’ syndrome, transitions and changes in life can be difficult to deal with. Although being in a rut may not be desirable, it is often comfortable. Forcing yourself out of that rut – or being forced out of it by someone else or by life events – can be a shock. Noticing where you are in life, the changes that have taken place around you and the choices that you feel are available to you can stir up all kinds of emotion and confusion. You know there is something great out there for you…you just don’t know what it is or how to go about getting it.

Transitions are part of life and every transition is an opportunity. Yet, at the same, time, transitions are scary and can bring up all kinds of stuff from the past. Even if a transition is potentially wonderful – such as a new job or baby – it shifts what has gone before. We humans like to be comfortable, so any shift or movement in life can be unsettling. Some transitions are, in themselves, difficult to deal with and it’s hard initially to see the positives. I believe that ANY transition – no matter how difficult -is a chance for you to learn about yourself and embrace the change. Life coaching can support and guide you while you make that change.

I moved house a few years ago. I was ridiculously excited about the move to the coast with my partner and younger son – I had images of a seaswept me, enjoying long walks at the beach. And yet…it was the most difficult transition I’ve ever made in my life. My older son had chosen to stay behind to attend university – it wasn’t too far away and we could meet up each week in a central location – but I found it so hard to adjust to this change. Other issues also made the change hard and I felt like I’d never adapt. I realised that the change had raised a lot of issues for me and I set about using this as a time of self exploration and growth. I’m at the other side now – and so glad that I acknowledged this was a transitionary phase and embraced it as such.

If you’re facing a transition – whether it’s self chosen or is something over which you have had little control – I will be there right beside you to ensure that you enjoy the journey and guide the transition to your desired destiny.

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