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Life Transitions

Whether it’s a new job, the ending of a relationship, becoming a mother or facing ’empty nest’ syndrome, transitions and changes in life can be difficult to deal with. Although being in a rut may not be desirable, it is often comfortable. Forcing yourself out of that rut – or being forced out of it by someone else or by life events – can be a shock. Noticing where you are in life, the changes that have taken place around you and the choices that you feel are available to you can stir up all kinds of emotion and confusion. You know there is something great out there for you…you just don’t know what it is or how to go about getting it.

Hypno-coaching can help you discover where it is you want to go, and how to begin implementing those changes. We all limit ourselves with negative thoughts and beliefs – things that we’ve learned to believe about ourselves from childhood onwards – and Hypno-coaching will challenge these beliefs and let you develop a new perspective in a supportively challenging way.

I believe that you are the expert on you. You might have forgotten some things about yourself along the way. You might have had certain dreams and ideals squashed which have left you feeling a bit flat. But it’s all there inside you, and transitional times in our lives provide the opportunity to rediscover what is there and to release ourselves from the constraints which we’ve put on ourselves through life.

Whatever the change you’re facing, now is the time to fully embrace your opportunities and full potential!

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