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One of my favourite areas to work in – partly because it resonates so personally with my own experiences – is with women who want to regain control of their drinking.

We’re in a culture where alcohol is portrayed (and backed by millions and millions of pounds of advertising) as a fun, harmless activity which will make us sexier, more interesting and is the perfect way to relax and unwind at the end of the evening. Sadly, for so many of us, this ends up being a daily habit. Alcohol – even in the shape of a cute prosecco glass or gin goblet – is a highly addictive substance which affects almost every aspect of your life.

Are you drinking over the recommended units (of 14 units a week for women)? If you are, you’re putting your health at risk. We often think of alcohol as being related to liver disease, but it’s also linked to a range of cancers. It’s a major player in bone thinning – which affects so many post-menopausal women anyway. And it’s linked to high blood pressure and often contributes to obesity.

Add to that the way it makes you feel groggy, tired and makes conditions like anxiety and depression far worse…

So you don’t need to be a full on alcoholic, sitting on a park bench, for alcohol to be seriously holding you back in life and causing you health problems. I used to drink heavily – anywhere between a bottle and a bottle and a half of wine every single night and I did that for most of my adult life. I held down a job and took care of my family. Nobody knew how much I was drinking. But I began to hate myself because of it. I knew that the amount I was consuming was causing me health problems and I tried to cut down and moderate but my efforts never lasted long and soon enough my drinking was right back up at the same level.

Eventually, I took the plunge and got help – a combination of hypnotherapy and life coaching. I stopped for over three months and my life changed in that period. It was hard – so I know how hard this is for you – but the little trickles of hope became bigger, and when the anxiety around drinking disappeared I couldn’t believe the potential I had.

My life coaching programme for alcohol asks you to stop for 100 days. I need your full commitment. I’ve worked with too many clients who want to ‘moderate’ and find it impossible to continue working with them. If – after the 100 days – you choose to drink again that’s up to you. Some people find that their relationship with alcohol has changed so much they are able to become occasional drinkers – with some strict guidelines. Many find that they don’t want to drink again after experiencing how amazing their life is.

As with all my life coaching programmes, I support you every single day and am here for the panicky moments if the cravings hit you. In addition to the 5 coaching sessions, 4 x 15 minutes calls and email support as and when needed, I will send you tasks, guided meditations and resources to help you stay on track and experience what life can really be like without alcohol to hold you back.

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