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Fertile body methodHypnotherapy & life coaching for fertility can help maximise your potential to conceive a child. The way we think and feel about ourselves can have a huge impact on our fertility. Every time we have a thought, that thought leads to a feeling or emotion. Each  of these emotions is accompanied by a physical response. Remember the last time you felt stressed? Guaranteed, you experienced some physical symptoms, such as increased heart rate, feeling hot and sweaty or shaky limbs. That’s because your body went into fight or flight mode, releasing adrenalin to help you run away from danger.

For many women, being in a stressed state has a negative impact on their fertility. If your body is constantly producing stress hormones, such as adrenalin and cortisol, it is not providing a healthy and welcoming environment to conceive a baby. Hypnotherapy can help you reduce stress at a very deep level.

There are many other psychological reasons why fertility may be adversely affected. Despite the fact that you may desperately want a child, there may be underlying fears and messages in your subconscious mind which are constantly being communicated to your body. Put simply, your mind and body may be in conflict. Some women may feel they are too old to conceive, or carry self blame that they have left things too late. Some may carry guilt about previous terminations or miscarriages. Your body develops very effective ways of giving you really want, so if there is underlying ‘stuff’ telling you that you’re not quite sure…or not really deserving…you can see how this can adversely affect your chance of conception. Hypnotherapy can help uncover those doubts, fears  and negative messages which you may have suppressed, ignored or hidden and help you process these and move forward in a positive way.

Sometimes there are underlying relationship issues. There may be doubts about your partner’s ability to be a parent. You may carry resentment towards them which  is manifested in a holding back. You may be so desperate to conceive that sex has become mechanical and timed around ovulation, so that your original connection has been lost. Hypnotherapy and life coaching allows you to explore your relationship and look at ways to overcome any issues which are subconsciously holding you back.

With treatments such as IVF, women sometimes lose that organic connection with their body and also suffer from severe stress. Hypnotherapy is very useful for helping change the way you perceive your body as you prepare for IVF treatment.

I am a licensed practitioner of the Fertile Body Method. During the six sessions we firstly establish a therapeutic goal. You might look at how you can provide the best chance for yourself to conceive, for instance, through changing the way you perceive yourself and your fertility.

We will then work on restoring psychological and physical balance to help you achieve these goals. If there are any issues which need resolving, such as past traumas or feelings of unresolved guilt we will explore these. We will then work on preparing you to maximise your fertility, a process which will have been occurring since the first session, and will provide the ongoing support you require throughout the process.

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