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Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching can help women with all of these issues:

Healing from Narcissistic Abuse
Stress and Anxiety
Life Transitions
Go Alcohol Free
Children’s Hypnotherapy
Transitioning Through Menopause
Hypnotherapy for Menopause

Transitioning Through Menopause


Hello and thanks for visiting my website. This is a time of such uncertainty and, whether you want to gain control of a health issue such as smoking or deal with anxiety issues, I’m here to help. All my work is currently done via Skype or Zoom. I’ve been working in this way with international clients for years and it works just as well as a face to face session (a face which is continually borne out by research).

Are you getting the most out of life? If you’re like most people (and certainly like I was a few years ago before experiencing life coaching) the answer is, probably not! What would the life you truly desire look and feel like? Maybe you’d be fit and healthy. Perhaps you’d set up your dream business or climb to the top of the ladder at work. It might be that you’ve fulfilled your ambitions of motherhood and having a wonderful romantic relationship. Whatever it is – isn’t it amazing?! And why aren’t you living it?

There are loads of reasons you might not be living the life you want – why it just stays out of reach, despite your efforts to make it happen. From the moment you took your first steps, you started learning about the world around you. By the time you’ve reached adulthood, you’ve learned that things are a certain way. Sometimes this is useful – sometimes it’s really not! What happens is, you find yourself recalling much earlier incidents, which can keep holding you back as you attempt to create the life you want and deserve. For instance, if you were told repeatedly that you weren’t as bright or pretty as your sister while you were growing up, deep down this belief can hold you back as an adult and stop you from putting yourself forwards because you’re ‘not quite good enough’.

Another reason you might not be pursuing your dream life is because you’ve become deeply entrenched in certain ways of doing things and acting with people. Are you the ‘yes’ woman? Do you always put others first? Do you get easily offended? Do you engage in self-destructive behaviours to cope with life? Are you so deeply entrenched in your old beliefs and actions that you can’t even work out what your ideal life would be?!

I will work with you to help you identify old beliefs which are holding you back, and to work out how you can move on from them, so that they don’t continue to affect your future. I’ll be there to support you, to help you stay on track and to tell that annoying voice which tells you you’re not good enough to get lost. I’ll help you discover the fun in your life, rediscover your creativity and passions. We’re only here once and life should be an incredible experience. I’m here to help you discover what that incredible experience is and guide you towards is.

My life coaching programme is designed to provide you with support every single day. Over the course of 3 months, you will receive: 5 hour long Skype/ Zoom sessions, 4 x 15 minute ‘panic calls’ whenever you need them within a 24 hour period, email response within a 24 hour period and guided meditations, motivational tasks and resources sent directly to you every single day that we work together. I incorporate elements of hypnosis into our sessions together (how much work we do of this type is entirely up to you) in order to help you access your creative, imaginative mind and achieve deep (and often rapid) change.

I only work with highly motivated clients and I need you to commit to our 3 months together – that’s why I commit in the same way by offering you daily support. That way, if you’ve had a really rough day and are finding it hard to stay on track, I’ll be there to support you before things reach a critical stage.

The cost of this 3 month life coaching programme is £697. I can’t decide for you how much you’re willing to invest in yourself, but I can tell you that this is an investment for the rest of your life. I’ll help you achieve deep rooted change and I can only work with you as a client if you’re prepared to commit to that deep change. If you do feel ready, and want to find out more, please give me a call to see whether I’m the right coach for you. If you decide my style doesn’t suit you, or you’re just not ready to make the changes at this point, the phone call will let you make an informed decision.

If you choose life coaching with me, I promise to give you my all, to walk beside you, to help you access your own inner resources and to let go of anything which is holding you back from the life you deserve.

Hypnotherapy. In addition to my life coaching programme, I offer hypnotherapy sessions on an individual basis. Hypnotherapy can help you to rapidly overcome behaviours and issues which have been holding you back  for a long time. Hypnotherapy is an incredibly empowering experience and helps you to access your deep, inner resources. Working with your unconscious mind, I can help you to let go of limiting beliefs and can help you ‘reprogramme’ your mind into accepting new, helpful beliefs.

Often, one session is sufficient to create change, particularly for issues such as phobias and smoking cessation. For more complex conditions, such as anxiety, you might find that it’s best to combine hypnotherapy with my life coaching programme, or it could be that you require a few individual hypnotherapy sessions.

I am a senior GHR registered practitioner, and run a successful hypnotherapy training school (www.hypnotherapy-diploma.co.uk). I work a bit differently to many hypnotherapists, who offer 1 hour sessions. After years of working with clients, I found that one hour just often isn’t enough. If you visit me, our session will last anywhere between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Why? I feel that it’s important for me to provide you with enough time to fully talk about what it is you’ve come with and to provide plenty time to work with you in a state of hypnosis. A hypnotherapy session shouldn’t be rushed, and sometimes that’s what happens during an hour long session. I also find that – if you have a longer session and we really get to the root of things – you’ll need far fewer sessions. for many issues, it’s likely that you’ll only need the one session.

The cost of this extended session is £120. Hypnotherapy sessions can either take place in my office in Prestwick, South Ayrshire or via Skype or Zoom.



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