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HypnoBirthing & HypnoMothering

HypnobirthingHypnoBrithing & HypnoMothering can ensure that you have the birthing experience you deserve. Are you surrounded by people who tell you how painful giving birth is? Are most of the television programmes and films you watch full of women in pain and agony? If so, you are not alone. But the fact that you are on this website suggests that you are aware that birth does not have to be this way. Maybe you have a sister, or friend, who has experienced HypnoBirthing, or perhaps you simply have a deep rooted knowledge that giving birth is a completely natural process which has been portrayed in a particular way in our culture, but which is perceived quite differently in many cultures.

HypnoBirthing is a very grounded, common sense approach to pregnancy and birth which empowers you and your birth partner to make informed choices which are right for you. At a physical level, when we experience fear we release fear hormones. These are designed to help us fight or run away at times of danger. The blood and oxygen rushes to our arms and legs to help us do this. When we are fearful whilst giving birth, we go into this fight or flight mode – the uterus tightens instead of working in the rhythmic way that it is designed to, and giving birth can become very painful. We are tempted to reach for pain relief, which can become more interventionist as labour progresses, and the chances of having a natural birth with less (or minimal) pain are reduced.

HypnoBirthing works on several levels. The first of these is education. It teaches you exactly what is happening in your body during pregnancy and birth. It teaches you how to work with your body. Instead of teaching you what pain relief is available, it teaches you how to maximise your own pain relieving hormones – in a relaxed state you release oxytocin which is way more powerful than morphene! HypnoBirthing also teaches you breathing and birth positions to maximise your potential for giving birth in a strong, empowered manner. Very deep relaxation techniques are taught which allow you to ‘go into yourself’ during the birth, allowing you to use your own personal resources to birth in a way which is right for you. Finally, HypnoBirthing really values your birthing partner’s role during the process.

I am a HypnoMothering practitioner and this course allows you to explore some of your earliest experiences as a mother. It can either be taken during pregnancy, following the HypnoBirthing course, or after you have your baby. It provides you with techniques to quickly and effectively help you achieve deep levels of relaxation and to help you sleep during those early days. It also explores the changes in identity you will experience as a mum to a new baby.

The HypnoBirthing – the Mongan Method course is taught over five 2.5 hour sessions. Ideally, the mother is accompanied by her birth partner. Sessions can be in person or via Skype. The sixth session is a HypnoMothering session – this one just for the mums!

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